K-Wednesdays : “You Deserve Better” by Verbal Jint ft. Sanchez of Phantom

Earlier today, while browsing through the magical world of youtube, I happened to ponder into that dark side of the site. I ended up listening to  these bunch of American rappers who labeled their style as “true hip-hop” As I listened to it, I heard this voice that sounded like a child, turned out to be a 37 year old with a hormonal disorder – sorry bro but 1st impressions mean a lot in this world, saying all these vulgar things related to sex organs, cuss words, and assaulting his friends. As I listed to this track, and then later to a wrap battle with the same guy in it, I realized that there are 3 types of rap that I have witnessed in my lifetime. The 1st being American rap that uses vulgar words and builds off from insulting people. This type of rap is made by rage, hatred for the world the artist lives in. I don’t like this type of rap. Sure its fun watching people fun of each other, and some of the lines are well versed and witty but at what cost? These rappers have great brains, great awareness of the English language and pop culture, why use it to insult people. Use your knowledge to better society not degrade it.

The second type of rap that I have listened to is rap that portrays a constructive meaning. A way of self expression that doesn’t degrade somebody else. Sure you can use vulgar language, but its directed at life events or even addressing ones own faults not criticizing others because of their looks, social status, or sexual orientation (just to name a few). I’ve listened to this type of rap from both English and Korean artists, but mainly Korean.

The last type of rap I listen to is Type 1 but in Korean. I know there are vulgar phrases in this type of rap, but to me it doesn’t matter. I know I sound hypocritical or favoring Korean artists, but I have my reasons. The main reason is why I listen to this type of rap. Rap is 2 parts, lyrics and flow. If you listen to rap in a language you don’t understand, your perception of the song is by the flow of the artist, or how the artists plays with rhythms, beats, rhyme scheme, and pitch. You don’t need to know what words the artist is saying, you just need to feel what the artist is portraying by their tempo and pitch. For example a rap that is about hatred to the world would be quick and blunt while a rap about sadness and grief would be soft and solemn such as in this music video. Many times your own interpretation of the song doesn’t fully match with that of the writers lyrics, but that’s fine music is supposed to relate to you. You feed off of its vibes, while its meaning is dictated off of your current mood. This can only be accomplished with music without words or music in a language unknown to the viewer. If you have words you can understand in the song than it becomes for difficult to “become one” with the melody, there is too much “noise” too much words telling you how to feel about the song rather than you and the song merging feelings together.

Well that’s my bit on rap. Back to the MV. This MV along with You Look Good are my 2 favorite MVs from Verbal Jint. Together with Sanchez, Verbal makes a melody that is highly addictive. You Deserve Better is about a guy telling the girl he cares about that the man she is currently with is not good enough for her. In the music video Verbal seems to follow around this couple always being the third wheel. At first I thought it was just the classic jealousy storyline but then I started to question at the part where the other dude is in bed with another girl and Verbal is just sitting there rapping away. During that scene, the original girlfriend walks in and sees her boyfriend cheating on her and she decides to leave him. As she leaves Verbal is still obediently following her. At the end of the MV we find out that Verbal is actually a dog, yes a DOG. Now everything makes sense. From the constant one sided love, to her strangely patting him on the head, and even to the part where Verbal just watches as the girls ex cheats on her. That’s true love, showing compassion and loyalty even when the other doesn’t notice you. Geez I love this MV. I guess the real moral of the MV is get a guard dog for both your body and your heart.


I hope you guys enjoyed the MV and didn’t mind my rant. The SoCalSeoulmates crew will see you next week for our next installment of K-Wednesdays.

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