The End is Near

It’s almost here. The end. The end of high school for the writers of SoCalSeoulmates that is. It’s a very bittersweet time. We all have been waiting for graduation since the 1st day of our freshmen year maybe even the day before we even started high school, but in the end its sad to leave this place. A lot has happened during the four years we have spent at our high school.  One of the biggest things to happen to me is the my introduction to Kpop

I was introduced to Kpop during my sophomore year of high school. Before Kpop I was actually into Japanese and music, especially Vocaloid and Nico Nico Douga covers (Gero is the best). I was actually introduced to Kpop in the 8th grade, it was Super Junior Sorry Sorry, but I didn’t know it was Kpop so im not going to count that one. The “first” Korean group I actually listened to was Supreme Team with their song Dang Dang Dang.

My friend showed it to me while we were cooking for a school project. I was quickly infatuated with the beat and entranced by their rapping. I couldn’t help yelling “through your elbows up” whenever I thought of the song. After my friend showed me that song she then persisted to show me more songs. ALOT MORE SONGS. She sent me a 20 song playlist. I was totally overwhelmed by the videos so she told me that I at least had to watch this one music video that she loved. That music video was BigBang’s Haruharu. BigBang is the gateway drug of Kpop in my opinion. If you ask a person who is not really into Kpop which artist they might have listened to chances are it will either be Super Junior, Shinee, Girls Generation, or Bigbang. In my case it was BigBang. My favorite part of Haru Haru was Seungri’s rift with Daesung after GD destroys the room. Seungri became my 1st bias but I eventually TOP snuck into my heart to become my all time number 1 bias.


I can tell you a bunch of reasons why TOP is my 1 bias. But the number 1 reason why I love him so much is his personality. Like him I am highly conservative in the face of people I don’t know well, but when I get to bond with people more I become more open and goofy (Bingu in this case). I love his bingu side, It’s adorable and let’s you see that he isn’t “perfect” he’s just a normal guy that likes to be silly at times and really hot at other times.


After BigBang I got into other groups such as B2St, Shinee, 2PM, MBLAQ, BAP, B1A4, 2NE1, and F(x) just to name a few. I got really into Kpop. Finding a chance to fangirl with my friends whenever I could. Before getting into Kpop, I didn’t find many people I could fangirl with so I turned to closet fangirling. You could say Kpop got me to express my likes to my peers more. It got me to open up about my opinions.

Eventually I got really into Korean Music and Culture, I was already into Asian culture but not yet into the Korean realm. I learned a bit of the language, which is a really beautiful language. The syllables flow very well and it is well suited for song and rap. Also I learned about the Korean sense of respect. Respect for your elders, for those above you, and also for yourself. It chimed closely to my bushido beliefs. (Yeah I’m a conservative oldschool Viet)

Currently, even after 3 years, I’m still a hardcore Kpop lover. It’s been ingrained into me. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it in my future. I don’t really know how it can relate with my major of Biochemistry, but who knows I’ll try to find a use for it. Maybe It’ll serve as a great icebreaker or maybe I’ll make friends at college who also will share the same interest in Kpop that I have. One thing that I know for sure is that even though the end to my high school career is ending, I know for my Kpop life,  the end is nowhere in sight.


One Response to “The End is Near”
  1. almostannika says:

    Congratulations on graduation!!! Bigbang was my gateway into Kpop too (TOP bias ftw!)… after that, everything was just exponential! More kpop groups, K-indie/rock, dramas, culture, and starting to learn some Hangul.

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