K-Wednesday: “Life” by MC Sniper

MC Sniper is one of my favorite rappers ever. In this song Sniper raps about the general life of an average man in Korea. It goes from birth to college to military duty then to marriage and building a family with an end at his death. The MV was illustrated by Nasty Cat. I love Nasty Cat’s artistic style. Ink and paper is a great medium. I actually tried to make my own parody of the MV but it didn’t turn out so well, I cant draw to save my life.

A recurring theme in this MV is human life in relation to the life of a flower. Like a flower, a person grows from a seed and them slowly wilts away as their life comes to an end. On of the great things about this MV is that its view of life isn’t black and white, ironic to the art style isn’t it, there are ups and downs to life, the plant doesn’t just grow and die in a chronological order. In the short run it wilts and grows back then wilts again, while in the long run it does end up dying. And then after the flower dies, a new bud is grown from it, showing the cycle of life and how when something old dies, something new is born.

The best part of the music video in my opinion is at the end where, the man faces his aging wife and spends the last moments of his life with her. That’s one of my greatest wishes in life. To be able to spend the end of my life by the side of some one that I really care for and really cares for me. Especially in this age of high divorce rates. All we can hope for is to find someone that we can honestly love till the day we physically part.

This is one of my favorite songs from MC Sniper and I hope you guys will come to appreciate it too.

One Response to “K-Wednesday: “Life” by MC Sniper”
  1. joefish77 says:

    Incredible. Songs with substance are few and far between where I’ve been looking.

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