Every Girl’s Worst Fear

Okay so in English class yesterday, we read a story about a girl’s thoughts when she sees some guy  in front of her house. The story kinda goes like this; she’s out with her friends and some guy hits on her and she’s just like whatever. And then the next day, he’s in front of her house. She has a conversation with him and he ends up getting too personal, like he knows literally everything about her. She thinks it’s creepy so she decides to call the police but the guy gets to her before she could. He stabs her and harasses her. But it all ends up to be in her mind. At least that’s what I think happened in the story. We will be debating in class tomorrow I hope.

Relating this to k-pop was hard but I found a drama that kinda corresponds to the message. The drama, “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl” is about a spoiled girl. Because her father loves her so much, he doesn’t let her work or clean. One day, her guy friend finally decides to confess but he does it in the strangest manner. He gets a group of guys to go “hit on her” so he could save her, but that event caused one of the guy’s lives. The girl calls her dad and he tries to fight for her but then he got hurt. The guy who wanted the girl is rich and he also get everything he wants, so he got away with the murder by blaming the dad. (that was all of one episode only so you can tell that the rest of the drama pretty intense). The dad actually thinks it’s his fault because of the evidence and there’s a whole bunch of misunderstandings. So the rest of the drama is finding out the culprit and a large court case along with marriage issues but I wont go into too much detail. Here’s a trailer of the drama.

See, a girl’s worst nightmare is getting rapped or kidnapped or anything dangerous like that. We’re always worried about what could happen to us. That’s why girls should appreciate her parents for being overprotective. So a lesson to all the girls in the world is to not take advantage of what you have, take care of yourself because your dad might not always be there for you, and know what to do when something actually happens. Please leave a comment about the drama, I know I might have gotten the story line all wrong because it has been a while since I last watched it. Any more questions you have can be in the drama so GO WATCH IT. It may be depressing and dark but it’s still pretty darn good. I would say it’s my second favorite drama of all time. (But only because Lee Donghae is in it ^-^)

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