K-Wednesday: “Hello” by Nuest

Hey y’all, it’s been a while hasn’t it. huehuehue. Well this week, I’m going to be talking about Nuest’s most recent song – Hello.

Let me start off with saying how torn I am with this MV. First of all, I love the song. It’s catchy, has nice rifts and harmonies, and nice acoustics. But what I don’t like is the video itself. Sure the monochromatic setting gives a mysterious feel to the environment but the content of the video is so hard to understand. Sure I get that the girl doesn’t like them and that they are trying to overcome their grief, but is it the same girl they are trying to win back? (yeah I have problems telling Asian girls apart from one another – sue me) Are they really devastated by their loss? (Ren doesn’t even look like he cares, he just looks confused at what he’s doing.) What confused me most was why the two guys (JR and Minhyun) were hugging that girl and JR just rooster-blocks Minhyun by kissing the girl literally behind his back. Isn’t there a bro code, no just normal social conduct where you don’t go kissing a girl when she’s in another man’s arms.


Bro that just aint cool

Well eventually I got so peeved at the video, I just ended up just playing the soundtrack. But then I found the Choreography video.

Now Nuest’s Choreo is tight. Currently in my list, they’re stiff competition for Shinee. With this video I can clearly see their movements, their roles in the song, and also I actually can focus on the song more easily. This video is where I realized the “poppy-electronic acoustic” section during JR’s rap around 1:45 to 2:05. That section is what made me fall in love with the song.

Well to return back to the original MV. I would like to point out something I liked about the MV. And that is the perplexity of Ren. His being just confuses me, in a good way. Is he trying to be sexy or does he naturally have the “I don’t give a rat’s bum” face. For example when the girl is hitting him a pillow, he just looks at her like “What’s going on”.


He looks like a confused lamb

He’s confused me ever since his debut. Well maybe I just gotta watch more variety shows with Nuest being featured so I can understand what his character is like.  Well until then, I hope you guys liked this K-Wednesday and If you have any understanding with the mind of Ren please give me a call or a comment. I really need some help.


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