Mystery Science Theater 3000.

                        I don’t know if you know the TV show “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, but our English teacher based one of our recent class activities off of it.  Basically, it’s a show where a guy and two robots are trapped on a space station called “Satellite of Love.”  An evil scientist traps and forces them to watch the worst movies ever made.  In order for them to stay sane, they make comments on different things in the movie to entertain themselves.  The horrible movie plays on a movie screen and all you can see are the outlines of the guy and the two robots plus the movie seat chairs.


                          So our English teacher told us to get together with our blog groups and find a short scene from a movie we thought was bad.  We actually got the choice of picking a scene from a movie, a TV show, or any video we thought was appropriate to this assignment.  The next day in class we pulled the couch in front of the screen and played our short video for the whole class to see.  The lights were off and people could see only the group’s shadows just like “Mystery Science Theater”. Our group sat down on the couch with a bag of chips to get us in the “MYST 3000” mood and made comments throughout the video.  All the groups in our class went and in the end, it was pretty entertaining to see the videos and hear the comments.


Now you ask me, what does a TV show back in the late 1980’s relate to anything Korean?  Well, when I used to be this crazy, obsessed Kpop lover, I tended to watch A LOT of Youtube videos.  You know how you start off watching a music video and then you click on recommended videos and soon end up on a whole other side of Youtube?  So one day I was listening to some music and then I ended up watching these game show/reality TV type videos.  There would be MC’s getting famous Korean stars to do something hilarious and then they would comment about it and put “aegyo” (cute) words and pictures on the screen.  (Below)  This is a dance battle between two different Kpop groups.  With this video, I couldn’t find ones with English subtitles, but you can see the words popping onto the screen and hear sound effects along with the video.  There are more at the end.

I know this isn’t exactly like the show, “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, but Korean reality TV videos are what popped into my head when we our teacher assigned this assignment to us.  What these two have in common, in my opinion, is the ability to make people laugh over what the MC, characters in the show, and words on the screen say.  I find it ironic the TV show lasted for six whole seasons and that Korean videos are so popular.  Usually when you’re sitting in a movie theater and a phone happens to go off or a person is talking/making loud comments to their neighbor; it makes people angry at you, but in “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and Korean Videos, it’s funny.


2 Responses to “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”
  1. Even though I know NOTHING about Kpop I have LOVED reading your blog all semester and how much effort you put into this and everything you do. I’m going to miss you.

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