Love: The Cure to All Evils

It’s been very stressful these past weeks. With college rejections wearing down my spirits and the yearbook deadline chasing me down faster than I can run, With all this pent-up frustration for the world, I’ve been lowering my defenses and releasing my demons onto the world. Every night as I lay in bed getting ready to fall asleep, I always contemplate what I have done that day. Lately I’ve been noticing I’ve been more irritable and cynical to those around me. I hate when I get to this point. I will admit, I have a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde complex. I only have to modes passive or cynical. Well I’ve been trying to smoothen this kink in my personality for a while now and luckily the book I am currently reading in my English class and a Korean movie I watched during spring break have helped me out substantially.


Well, The English book that my class is currently reading is The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck and the Korean movie I watched was Baby and I. What do these two have in common? Well they both are a story about fatherhood. In The Good Earth, the main character, Wang Lung faces many hardships but overcomes them because he wants to improve his reputation wealth but most importantly provide for his family. One of my favorite scenes in the book that shows his unending love for his children is when he showed a deep bond to his mentally challenged daughter. In this scene, Wang Lung’s village is going through a drought and his family has no food left. As a final act of desperation Wang Lung plans to move his family down south where food is more plentiful. However Wang Lung’s wife is about to give birth (even though she is bare to the bones with the baby sucking the life out of her) and is in no shape to go on the journey down south. So in order to save his wife, Wang Lung borrows a handful of beans from his neighbor who harbored guilt for previously trying to ransack Wang Lung’s house. With these beans he gives some to his wife to eat while with the rest he mashes up in his mouth and feeds to his dying mentally challenged daughter instead of consuming it himself. In this scene we can see Wang Lung’s self-sacrifice


After this scene and some time later, because of good fortune and hard work Wang Lung becomes super rich. Because of his increase of wealth, he begins to lose the morals he had earlier. He became lazy, exuberant. and also lustful. He acquires a ex-prostitute as a prized concubine, neglects his first wife who had been faithful to him from the first day they met, wonton to the gods that had protected him before. However amidst all of his “evils” whenever he sees his children/grandchildren especially his little fool (mentally disabled daughter) he does a good deed for them. Something to make the reader believe that he still a righteous man but only corrupted with money.


Now how does this relate to Korean dramas? Well the Korean drama I recently watched was Baby and I. Baby and I tells the story of a delinquent teen that randomly one day gets dropped with a baby that is supposedly his child. At first he doesn’t want to take care of the child (played by Mason Moon the cutest baby in the world), he even tries to leave it at a dumpster to die but gets caught before he can do so. Throughout the drama the delinquent failing to leave the baby to die just neglects him and goes out partying all day. As time goes on and he sees how the child isn’t doing so well the teen develops a change of heart. He then gradually becomes more responsible and takes care of his son better. Soon he and his son become inseparable to the point where when the teens mother gives his son a cold, the teen scolds his mother very harshly. In the end there are some twists and turns in the plot that separates the delinquent from his son and to find out what happens in the end you’ll have to watch the movie 😉 Yeah I’m a horrible person.

Mason Moon cutest baby ever

Mason Moon cutest baby ever

After experiencing these two stories I’ve learned that I need to love more in order to cure my evils. Even though I’ll probably not have a child anytime soon that doesn’t mean I can’t love something or someone. First, I can start off with loving myself and accepting who I am. After all you can’t love someone fully unless you love yourself first. Next I can try showing more love to those around me. Hugs would be a good idea.


Well It doesn’t matter what I do, as long as I feel the LOVE. Yeah Hippie Movement Revival. FTW

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