Wang Lung=Lee Taemin WHAAA??

Aight so in The Good Earth, we follow Wang Lung as he grows up into the good man his father always wanted him to be. Basically the whole book is about Wang Lung’s life featuring important people like his wife O-Lan, his five children, and his mistress.  Wang Lung grew up as the kid every father wanted; a hard worker. He get’s married to a maid of the rich house and she is really good to him until the very end of her life. She took care of his father, gave birth to sons, and she even worked in the fields. O-Lan is a bad ass girl, she wasn’t afraid of anything; she killed the ox when Wang Lung couldn’t, killed one of her daughters right when she was born because she knew that she wasn’t going to make it anyways, and she wasn’t afraid to look like a peasant.  The only time Wang Lung finally saw her cry was when she had to give away the pearls that he promised she could keep. She was only weak when she was in her death bed, and even then, she got up to teach her daughter-in-law how to take care of the family when she’s gone.

Our Taeminnie<33

Our Taeminnie<33

This story sort of relate to one of k pop’s babies of all time, Lee Taemin! He is known to be the baby of kpop ever since he joined the industry. He auditioned when he was only 13 years old. He went through ONLY a 2 year training (most idols go through about 5 or more years). And he joined one of kpop’s top male groups, SHINee!! When SHINee debuted, they were the youngest in the industry and so they were favored by a lot of people. Even though Taemin is now 19 years old, fans still call him the baby. SHINee came onto a show called Maknae Rebellion, and what that means is the youngest’s rebellion. Since they were the youngest, they were invited onto the show. They competed with other maknaes but lost so they came back with a rematch and completely won. Originally, they wanted to steal Taemin, for the rest of the season of the show, from the group because he’s the youngest of the group, but he’s too much of a good boy to rebel against his hyungs(other brothers). He wanted to stay with his family like Wang Lung did. So later on in SHINee’s career, they did a show called Hello Baby where the boys get to babysit a kid for a few months. That’s when we finally realize that Taemin is a grown man and he is able to take care of children. Also, agencies of SMent and ACUBEent are proud to confirm that Taemin and Naeun will be doing a season of We Got Married, a show in which idols get married for fun and see how it turns out. Although fans are devastated that our baby is finally growing up, we still have to let him free! D;

Taemin and Naeun :[

Taemin and Naeun :[

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