K-Wednesdays: One Love by Super Junior


Aight guys! Another k-wednesday!!! YAY!! Aight so this is a video of one of my favorite rap songs by the one and only Lee Eunhyuk from SUPER JUNIOR (ft KRY, a sub group from SJ)!! There has been debates on what this song actually means and who it’s for. One half of his fans say that it’s for his ex girlfriend and he’s waiting for her to come back to him. In the beginning he says, “I thought it was gonna be okay, but, I miss you more and more, and I’m still waiting.. So listen.” It also says that he dedicates this song to his “first real love”. The other half of his fans want to say that he wrote this song to show the relationship between us E.L.F.s(EverLastingFamily). A part in the song he says, “SJ to the E to the H”. Some fans want to say that the E=Eeteuk(the oldest member of SJ) and H=Henry(the youngest member of SJ) meaning SUPER JUNIOR all the way from the oldest to the youngest, they will love us fans and “don’t ever want to let us go”. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. So share which side you are on in the comment section below. I only want to see your opinion on the song and I don’t want any argument to erupt.

My babe<3

My babe<3

Honestly, Eunhyuk  is my bias in SJ because I have a thing for dancers but he’s also a pretty good singer/rapper.  I think he is such an amazing person because, even though he has asthma, he still does things like dance and rap for us fans. He’s also very good looking! His face has a nice angular form from chewing too much gum<33 and is body (OHMAHGAHHHH).



A little fact about SJ is that they probably have the largest group of fans in the WORLD. They started as a 12 boy group called SJ5 as a project and unexpectedly earned a large fan base. Soon after, they decided to make them an official group and add another member and just go by SJ. Since the group is so big, they got put into sub groups (SJ-Happy, SJ-Mandarin, SJ-Trot, and KRY). SJ-Happy is basically the happy members of the group. SJ-Mandarin sings song in Chinese and this is the group that included 2 extra members who aren’t technically in the main group (Zhoumi and Henry) but we still like them to be part of the family. SJ-Trot are the members who are just crazy and likes to sing old, Korean trot music which is the oldest form of k-pop. KRY members (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung) are the beautiful voices of the group. I will not go into too much detail about the group but I will say that nothing can ever keep the boys apart. E.L.F.s say prom15e to 13elieve in 10ve because the numbers represent how many members are in the group (they started as 13, add two Chinese members to 15, then lost some members due to the army 2 year training.)



One Response to “K-Wednesdays: One Love by Super Junior”
  1. almostannika says:

    i love Super Junior KRY! I wish that they received more recognition for their music!

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