Love is… Revenge

How far would you go for love?

In my Single’s Livings class today, my teacher asked the class to fill in the blank. “Love is _____”. Many scenarios played in my head. The first was that love was when you share 13 chicken nuggets between 2 people and you give that last extra chicken nugget to the other person. Another scenario that played in my head was when Ash decided not to evolve Pikachu because he loved Pikachu just the way he was.



After further contemplation I thought of my Korean movies, This weekend I just finished watching both Mother(2009) and Memories of Murder(2009), and I immediately thought of my favorite Korean movie as of now Man From Nowhere(2010).

man from nowhere dvd cover[1]

Best Movie Ever

Man From Nowhere portrays a pawn shop owner’s quest to save a child that lives inside his apartment complex. The child, So-mi, was taken into a crime syndicate’s “orphanage” after the gangsters killed her mother. At the orphanage, many of the children are forced to either transfer drugs and money between the crime syndicate and their customers or make the drugs themselves. After a child reaches a certain age they are either sold into prostitution or killed with their organs being harvested for the black market. After So-mi’s abduction, Cha Tae-Sik, the pawn shop owner and also ex-Black Ops member, goes through hell and back to rescue her. On the way he meets tons of opponents and gets into many epic battles. One of his greatest opponents is Thai fighter, Ramrowan.

The Man From Nowhere 1[1]This action scene is one of the best fighting scenes I have ever watched . Won Bin, the actor who plays Cha Tae-Sik, takes out his badbumm skills to quickly dispatch about 10 people (Oldboy style), he then battles Ramrowan by hand to hand combat. In my opinion hand to hand combat is way better than any shootout.

After this amazing battle royale, Cha Tae-Sik makes his way to where So-mi is being prepared for her death.

One of the most powerful songs in the movie. Captures the longing, desperation, and regret felt by the main character. Jeez I love this song.

There are many other movies where revenge for a love one overcame a persons morals. In our English class we watched a movie called The Master of the Flying Guillotine. In this movie the old blind man does anything to kill the one-armed bandit that killed his disciples.

Not as friendly as he looks

Not as friendly as he looks

This old mans secret weapon is the infamous Flying Guillotine. The Flying Guillotine is a hat like object that is connected to a chain. With this weapon the old man can quickly put the hat over your head to chop it right off.


Another movie that showed immense between two people is the movie Mother. The movie Mother is about a mother who does anything to prove that her mentally challenged son did not kill a girl.


****SPOILER ALERT**** Near the end of the movie the mother finds out, from an old man who lives in a junk yard, that her son actually did murder the girl. In her fit of rage and in order to protect her son she smashes the junk yard man’s head open and then quickly burns him and his home down.


So, How far would you go for the one you love? Would you become a mass murderer? Would you become a monster that is feared by the world? Remember to some Love has no bounds while to others love can end at the drop of a (guillotine) hat.


3 Responses to “Love is… Revenge”
  1. vivicia4 says:

    I remember being absolutely stunned when I finished the movie Ahjussi/Man From Nowhere-it was so amazing and touching as well. Great, great movie. I was also really touched at how Won Bin-I mean, Tae-Sik went through just so much for So-Mi. Dear!<3

    I've never watched The Master of the Flying Guillotine and Mother! I really want to watch Mother and TMFG seems awesome. Thank you for sharing! ^ ^

    Ever heard of a movie called Silenced?-probably as emotionally powerful as Ahjussi…or even more powerful… I already have tears in my eyes thinking about it.
    Anyways, wonderful re:framed!

    – ♠

    • Silenced is actually within my TOP 3 Korean movies. Till this day whenever I watch scary Korean movies and need to go to the bathroom, I’m always scared that the principle will randomly pop out of the top of my shower door. Another great movie I would recommend to you is (if you haven’t already seen it) Memories of Murder. Memories of Murder about 2 detectives who try to find the culprit of a series of murders. If I’m not mistaken it’s based on the true story of Korea’s first known serial killer.

  2. almostannika says:

    what an incredible song….. i will add these to my list of kmovies to watch!! thank you for the suggestions! 🙂

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