Gorrillas, Chicken, and Ramen: an Intro to Comedy in the K-Pop/Drama Realm

This music video is called “Pajama Party” by one of the subgroups of Super Junior. The video is
basically about the boys trying to make the night special for the girls. They try to set the mood by doing the things stereotypical girls like; such as pillow fights, candles, balloons, and stuffed animals. And then at the end of the first verse, he says that the hardest thing to decide on was his PAJAMAS! Some techniques of comedy that this video uses are exaggeration, verbal irony, situational irony, and, most of all, unexpected comedy. Their acting, singing, and dancing are over exaggerated. The fact that they worried about what to wear the most makes it an unexpected comedy. They also used physical humor by messing around, having chicken fights, and ignoring the gorilla that chased the girls into the boys’ room. Overall, the ending was the most unexpected because they ended up welcoming the gorilla into their party, because all he wanted was friends, and they all lived happily ever after.

This video is a collaboration of the scenes when the leader of SHINee, Onew, mentions chicken. Majority of the scenes come from a television show called, “Hello Baby”. That is when the idols baby sit someone’s kid for a few weeks and, at the same time, they learn how to take care of babies because they might have kids on their own if the far future. One of my favorite scenes are when Onew pulls out a drum stick out of nowhere and offers it to the staff member (at 0:28), when a staff member asks him if he likes chicken or Yoogeun (the baby that they are babysitting) and, without hesitation, he chooses chicken (at 1:30), and, finally, the scene when the members tells him to show them how to eat chicken tastily and he says, “there’s no time for that” because he is in the zone of eating his chicken. DON’T BOTHER THE MAN WHEN HE’S EATING CHICKEN!


This scene is from one of my favorite Korean drama, “Flower Boy Ramen Shop”. This scene is funny because the boy is deeply in love with the girl but she’s kind of a player so he’s mad at her. In the end of the picture, he’s forever alone because he yelled at her. She assumes that he doesn’t like her anymore so she hangs out with another guy. I don’t want to get into too much detail because I want you to watch this drama for yourself. It uses a lot of exaggeration and unexpected comedy techniques.

Forever alone.

Forever alone.

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