Need or Want?

I know Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but I wanted to write a little something still. I find the lyrics to this song not only catchy, but also true.  This group is my favorite kpop girl group and all their songs are amazing so check them out.

This song starts off with “This is for all the independent ladies.” All those girls who are sad they don’t have a valentine for Valentine’s Day, why not hold your head up and be proud instead? Be proud you don’t let society bring you down. Your day will come where a guy will cherish and love you forever, but why be sad when you don’t have a significant other?


The MAIN reason why I wanted to write this post is because of the word “need”. Recently in Economics, my teacher explain to us about how “need” was one of the words we were to never use in his class. His explanation to us in a summary was no one in life needs anything. Even the basic necessities like food, water, and breathing are not something you need. There’s a choice to eat, to breath, and to drink water. If you really needed these things, there would be no choice. You can choose to eat and not to eat, and you want to eat because you want to live.


This made me perceive how society is viewed today. Say I were to tell someone I wanted a pencil vs. I needed a pencil. Want seems like a selfish word while need seems more correct in the eyes of society. Is it really correct now?

Back to the matter at hand, do you really NEED a significant other or do you WANT a significant other?

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day regardless of having a Valentine or not.



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