The Beginning Of A Chapter

As you can tell, the bloggers of this blog and I love kpop.  This blog post may be a bit wordy, but this first post is not only a combination of our love for kpop and other korean but also to talk about a connection between kpop and a movie we’re watching in english.  I hope you enjoy our first post and follow us for tons of Korean related pictures, videos, and news.

One of my favorite Kpop band and song is “Haru Haru” from Big Bang. The song “Haru Haru” tells a story of a girl named Minyoung who wants to protect her boyfriend. Minyoung doesn’t want to tell G-Dragon, her boyfriend, about her terminal illness. She goes to his best friend, TOP, for advice on what to do. TOP tells her to pretend to date him and breakup with G-Dragon so G-Dragon would forget about her. Except G-Dragon can’t forget about her and all he sees is his friend betraying him and dating his old girlfriend. He’s depressed and angry at the both of them and then it switches over to Minyoung’s point of view. The music video shows her sitting there in the hospital getting chemo and having her hair fall out before her eyes. She’s sad, but she believes she did the right thing. All of the Big Bang members know about Minyoung and her terminal illness except for G-Dragon of course. The video leads up to the climax where Taeyang breaks down and calls G-Dragon thinking he had a right to know. Taeyang tells him how the relationship was just a façade to cover up her terminal illness and tells him to rush over to the hospital. He runs over as fast as he can, but he’s too late.

What would a sad, Korean music video about lost love have anything to do with any topic relating to a CP English 4 class? Well, in the music video, there’s a scene where G-Dragon is taking a shower and he punches the mirror in anger. (This scene is showed in the video attached). In the movie, Three O’Clock High, Jerry accidentally touches Buddy. Buddy pushes Jerry against the stalls and starts flushing the urinal. What do these 2 scenes have in common except for the fact that the mirror is broken? Both scenes have this shattering of their old self and being reborn theme. The scene in Three O’Clock High symbolized Jerry getting baptized by the urinal and reborn into this kid who has a huge problem. He went to being a dorky high school kid who ran the student store to someone who had a fight with the scariest kid at school. Buddy slamming him into the mirror was his old life shattering before his eyes. In “Haru Haru”, G-Dragon is taking a shower, which symbolizes him being reborn and realizing he didn’t have a girlfriend anymore, but up until that point, it didn’t really hit him. He punches the mirror in anger and it breaks symbolizing he sees his old life shattering before his eyes and a new part of his life is starting (what the shower stands for).

In the lyrics for Haru Haru, the only English part of the song is:

“Oh my girl I cry cry

You’re my all

Say goodbye”

Being in English emphasizes how lyrics are the most important out of the whole song. G-Dragon singing them after he punches the mirror is the final confirmation that he shattered his old self and is a new person now. He’s saying good bye to Minyoung and how she used to be his all.


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